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About MCI The Doctor's Office™

MCI THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE™ cares for patients through Family practice and walk in medical care in Ontario and Alberta.  MCI currently has thirty-two centres that allow us to further our mission to “Work for Doctors, Care for Patients and Empower Employees” in a timely, comprehensive and compassionate manner.  We look forward to our clinics being an integral part of every neighbourhood where we are located.

It is not enough to only treat patients with dignity, care and respect.  At MCI we go that extra mile. Enthusiasm, warmth and friendliness are some of the qualities that reflect our standards.  We work with our co-workers as a team, both within our own clinic and throughout all of MCI. In addition,we support and market the development of family practices as well as walk-in practices, having extended hours, being open on weekends and holidays plus providing specialists in fields such as Dermatology, Gynecology, Allergy, Sports Medicine, Athletic Therapy,  Substance Abuse Counseling, Pediatrics and Psychotherapy.

About MCI

Arguably the most experienced family practice management company in Canada, MCI has roots in Ontario dating back 24 years and in Alberta for 31 years.  MCI is a Canadian firm that specializes in helping physicians to improve their lifestyle and focus 100% on patient care because MCI assumes full responsibility for all administration and clinic operations.  MCI operates thirty-six full service medical clinics in Ontario and Alberta.  A number of new and franchised medical clinics are opening in Canada over the next two years.

Current Press Releases

Introducing Altima Healthcare: Acquires MCI Medical Centres
[February 01, 2013]
MCI The Doctor's Office Opens Calgary 130th & Deerfoot Trail Clinic
[July 07, 2010]
MCI THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE™ Opens Toronto Morningside Crossing
[February 19, 2010]
MCI THE DOCTOR'S OFFICE™ Opens Calgary Beacon Hill Clinic
[October 19, 2009]
Ayala Manolson Honoured for a Career of Leadership and Innovation
[November 20, 2008]
MCI THE DOCTOR’s OFFICE™ in Woodbridge
[August 17, 2008]
MCI THE DOCTOR’s OFFICE™ Wins Coveted Honour — Consumer’s Choice Award for Business Excellence
[August 08, 2008]
MCI Launches New Program to Help Stressed Family Doctors
[July 23, 2008]
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