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1. What is MCI The Doctor's Office™ / MCI Medical Clinics?
MCI The Doctor's Office™ is a privately owned Canadian company that has been managing family medicine clinics since 1986.
2. What does MCI do for doctors?
MCI provides the facilities, staff, equipment, and supplies and all the administration required by a family medicine clinic so that the doctor(s) can focus on practicing medicine. MCI also takes care of all billing submissions. When the doctor leaves the clinic, the doctor's time is his or her own.
3. Is this private medicine?
No, This is public medicine in a setting where the doctor does not have to worry about any administrative matters.
4. How do I get paid?
Fee for service.
5. What is the length of the agreement with MCI?
There is no minimum contract period.
6. Will I have a nurse?
MCI provides nurses and lab techs. The staffing numbers are determined by the manager in each clinic and depend on both the number of doctors and the volume of patients being seen. It is not always possible to provide a nurse.
7. How many patients will I be expected to see on a walk-in shift?
MCI does not tell the physicians how to practice medicine. Some physicians can see patients more quickly than others. Our staff will help you be as efficient as possible. You will determine for yourself how many patients you are comfortable treating in a given time frame.
8. If I order test, who will review the results if I am not here?
Each walk-in physician reviews the result that come in during his or her shift and each clinic has procedures to ensure that test results are reviewed and followed up on.
9. I don't know the specialists in this area - do you have a list?
The doctors indicate the type of referral required and the staff will refer to one of the specialists in the area. If you want to refer to a specific physician, you would do so.
10. I have my license but not my OHIP/AHCIP/MSP billing number - when can I start practicing?
You can start as soon as you have your license and have applied for your billing number. We will not be able to submit your billings until you have your number.


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